Embedded Computing

IP380L / IP380

PICMG® 1.3 8-Slot Backplane

4-layer PCBAT / ATX power connector1x PCI-E 16-lane slot, 3x PCI-E 1-lane slotPICMG® 1.3 connector (A: PCI-E x16, B: PCI-E x8, C: PCI-E x16, D: PCI-E x8), 4x PCI (32-bit) slotSize: 221mm x 328mm (8.7” x 12.9”)
IP380L / IP380-R PICMG® 1.3 8-slot Backplane with 1x PCI-E 16-lane slot and 3x PCI-E 1-lane slot , 4x PCI