Industrial Automation


8-channel Analog Input (AI)  and 2-channel Analog Output (AO) slave module with the pluggable terminal block

8-channel AI and 2-channel AO slave moduleDIN rail mounting (L-122 x W-65 x H-104 mm)Max. 100Mbps transfer rateRotary switch for address settingEasy installation with RJ45 phone jack and LED diagnosticPluggable terminal block with spring plug connectors
Serial interface Fast Ethernet, Full-Duplex
Distributed clock 1ms
Cable type CAT5 UTP/STP Ethernet cable
Surge protection 10KV
Transmission speed 100 Mbps
I/O isolation voltage 3.75KVrms
Number of inputs AD Converter: 8-channel AI
DA Converter: 2-channel AO
Effective resolution AD Converter: 16 bits
DA Converter: 12 bits

Fetch frequency Max. 1KHz (DC Mode)
Input range Single End: ±10V ; Differential: ±10V
Output range ±10V
Operation mode Ramp and Noise, Single Value, Single Coupled Value, Pattern
Power supply 24VDC
Power consumption 3W typical
Working temperature 0 to 60°C
207-A121FC 8 Ch. Analog Input (AI) and 2 Ch. Analog Output (AO)
SCB-1BB-06A/10A/20A/30A/50A/A0A CAT5 LAN cable, 0.6M/1M/2M/3M/5M/10M