Industrial Automation


PCI-E 4 Axis Motion Control Card. 

On-board 4-axis motion control with Max. 2.4MHz pulse output rateProgrammable acceleration and deceleration timeProgrammable pulse output and interruptPosition compare and trigger outputCompare output FIFO x 4General purpose isolated I/O: 16 DI and 16 DO
Input types Logic: 0V to 1.5V ; Logic: 5V to 24V
General purpose input OUT x 16
Output types NPN open Darlington transistors
General purpose output Logic: 0V to 1.5V ; Logic: 5V to 24V
Pulse output mode OUT/DIR, CW/CCW
Pulse output rate Max. 2.4Mpps
Position range 24 bits
Machine interface PEL x 4, MEL x 4, ORG x 4, SLD x 4
Servo driver interface ALM x 4, SVON x 4
Emergency input EMG x 1
Home return mode 2 types
Velocity profiles T-curve and S-curve
PCE-M134-LD 4-Axis Motion card with GPIO
107-T160-DUMP Terminal board for 4-axis (option)
107-T161-DUM Terminal board for 4-axis (option)
SCB-166-20A SCSI 100 pin, 2M (option)

Model Chipset Video Audio Network Others
PCE-M134-LD Software Package for Win32