RMA Service

Download RMA form, learn about our warranty policy and RMA process.

Warranty Policy

All IBASE standard products carry a warranty period of 24 months* from date of shipment. (If the date of shipment cannot be ascertained, product serial numbers can be used to determine the approximate shipping date.) However, parts that are not manufactured by IBASE, such as the CPU, memory, hard disk drive and power adaptor, are limited to the warranty provided by the manufacturer.


For all non-RoHS products manufactured by IBASE, we are providing repair service for up to 5 years from the invoice date. This 5-year period includes the 2-year warranty period and another 3 years of service with relevant charges. The RoHS directive has been implemented since July 1, 2006, and for years, IBASE has been encouraging customers to adopt RoHS in their product portfolios.


* Products, however, that failed due to misuse, accident, improper installation or unauthorized repair shall be treated as out of warranty and customers shall be billed for repair and shipping charges. 


DOA (Dead On Arrival) Cases
IBASE considers an item to be DOA if it fails within one month from shipping date. DOA cases are treated with the highest priority and items are replaced immediately and do not require the standard repair time. DOA cases should be referred first to our FAE (via the sales contact window) to confirm if it is such or simply a configuration problem. IBASE will shoulder the two-way freight for DOA items, while designating the shipping method.

RMA Process
The following are the RMA guidelines that have been established by IBASE to better support our customers.

  • RMA number and RMA form: Obtain an RMA number and form from our sales department before sending the faulty products. IMPORTANT: To process an RMA case, each board must accompany a corresponding RMA form that is filled mainly with the board's serial number, hardware configuration used and problem description. 
  • What to send: Send the products/boards without the accessories (manuals, cables) and components (CPU, memory, interface cards), unless you suspect the latter are the cause of the problem. Indicate these items if they are included. All returns should accompany a note detailing the problem.  
  • Shipping cost & method: Customers send RMA goods at their own expense; while IBASE shoulders the cost of returning the items by using the shipping method it deems suitable. Customers may require alternative shipping methods but shall bear any additional charges.   
  • Repair Time: IBASE requires about 10 working days to repair faulty items under 10pcs upon their receipt. Repair time will change for items over 10 pcs.



This RMA policy is not intended to any product, which has been repaired or altered by anyone other than IBASE or has been subject to misuse, accident or improper installation. An order of single quantity and evaluation unit is returnable within 30 days.  However, orders of multiple units are considered production orders and thus not subject to return for credit.

  1. Only IBASE series of single board computers (SBC), CompactPCI motherboards, and Embedded SBC have two-year parts and labor warranty from the original invoice date.
  2. All of the computer systems (except the SBC, CompactPCI, and Embedded SBC themselves have the two-year warranty) and peripheral products such as ATX motherboards, hard drives, floppy drives, memory modules, CPUs, video cards, NIC cards, CD-ROMs, power supplies, input devices, etc. have one-year parts and labor warranty from the original invoice date.
  3. Any products found to be inoperative within the warranty period will, at the option of IBASE, be repaired or replaced. This warranty is not intended to any product which has been repaired or altered by anyone other than IBASE or has been subject to misuse, accident or improper installation.
  4. Freight should be prepaid on all items that are returned to IBASE.
  5. Repaired or replaced items that are still in warranty will be returned by ground shipment with freight prepaid by IBASE. Customers may pay extra cost for expedite shipment.
  6. Except as set forth in writing in the Limited Warranty, IBASE makes no performance representations, warranties, or guarantees, either express or implied, oral or written, with respect to the Products, including without limitation any implied warranty (a) of merchantability, (b) of fitness for a particular purpose, or (c) arising from course of performance, course of dealing, or usage of trade. IBASE’s Limited Warranty expressly excludes any software or hardware in the Products that is in the public domain or any software or hardware that is installed in the Products at the Purchaser’s request without any license from the proper owner or authority.

In no event shall IBASE be liable for costs of procurement of substitute goods by anyone or for loss of data, nor will it be liable for indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other damages arising out of the purchase, use or performance of the Product, and whether or not it has been advised of the possibility of such damages. The foregoing allocation of risk is reflected in the price of the Product. IBASE’s liability under this purchase is expressly limited to the purchase price paid by Purchaser and received by IBASE.


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